Protest Site Road Blocked.

Without announcement, a road block has been thrown around the protest Site. Mulberry Street is now closed off to the public. Why? So that work building the $8 million James Earl Ray Exhibition at the National Civil Rights Museum can commence.

Civil Rights - What about the Civil Rights of Jacqueline Smith. Surely everyone has the right to have their voice heard. Already banners have appeared around the Protest Site proclaiming that we should "Stop Worshipping the Past and Start Living the Dream" and "$8 million for the James Earl Ray Exhibition - $ Zero for the Poor, Needy and Displaced.

Inoffensive you may think - Wrong! On Friday at the request of the Museum, A police lieutenant arrived to inspect the signs. No problem whatsoever he proclaimed. However, behind the scenes, further phone calls took place and Lo and Behold, a contingent of police arrived insisting the signs be removed.

Whatever happened to freedom of Speech?