January 15th
Martin Luther King Jr. is born to Reverend Martin Luther King Sr.


Martin Luther King Jr. is licensed to preach and becomes his fathers' assistant at the Ebenezer Baptist Church in Atlanta Georgia.


February 25th
Martin Luther King Jr. is ordained to the Baptist ministry June Martin Luther King graduates with a B.A. degree in sociology September Martin Luther King enters Crozer Theological Seminary in Chester Pennsylvania where he studies the life and teachings of Mahatma Ghandi


Martin Luther King Jr. graduates with a B.D. degree


June 18th
Martin Luther King Jr. marries Coretta Scott in Marion Alabama.


October 31st
The Reverend Martin Luther King Jr. is installed as pastor of the Dexter Avenue Church, Montgomery, Alabama.


June 5th
Martin Luther King Jr. receives a Ph.D. degree in Systematic Theology from Boston University.

November 17th
The King's first child, Yolanda Denise is born in Montgomery, Alabama.

December 5th
The first day of the Montgomery bus boycott takes place, in support of Rosa Parks, a forty two-year-old seamstress who refuses to give up her seat to a white man, she was subsequently arrested. Dr. King is elected President of an organisation named the Montgomery Improvement Association.


January 26th
Dr. King is arrested on a charge of travelling thirty miles per hour in a twenty-five miles per hour zone in Montgomery. He is later released.

January 30th
A bomb is thrown onto the porch of Dr. King's home in Montgomery. No one is injured.

February 21st
Dr. King is indicted with others, in the Montgomery bus boycott on charges of being party to a conspiracy to hinder and prevent the operation of business without "just or legal cause."

August 10th
Dr. King speaks before the platform committee of the Democratic Party in Chicago.

December 21st
Montgomery buses are integrated.