The official line at The National Civil Rights Museum is that the museum exists to educate the public of civil rights, not as homage to Dr. King, but to feature Dr. King as one of many campaigners who fought for Civil Rights. If this is the case, why choose the Lorraine Motel, why re-create a laser display depicting Dr. King's death? Why purchase the rooming house from where the bullet may have been shot? Why exhibit the alleged murder weapon?

The truth is that by converting the Lorraine Motel, which even including demolishing the rooms where the strategy meetings took place, they have chosen to make this hallowed ground into nothing more than a tourist attraction at the expense of the poor and disadvantaged.

The entire morals of the Museum can be questioned. How can they actively encourage "black tie" glitzy balls and functions for the advantaged, while the poor and displaced are shoved to one side on the same block.